Greene County, Founded Dec 13, 1819, has the natural and physical beauty of countryside with lovely rolling hills, farmland and great citizens who support growth and look forward to a brighter future. Historically Greene County, Alabama, has been an agricultural and farming area. It was part of the old “Cotton South.” Greene County, located in Alabama’s Black Belt is home to some of the finest fruits and vegetables. It has had a limited industrial history. Today the population is approximately 8,000.


In the City of Eutaw there is a catfish processing plant, a box plant, a roofing materials plant and woodworks plant. There was one grocery store, one drug store, and four-dollar stores. In 2019, a Love’s Truck Stop was opened in Eutaw at the intersection of Interstate 20/59 and Alabama Highway 14 at exit 40. This business has become a major source of revenue for the City of Eutaw and a large employer for the county at large.


Historically the economy of Greene County, Alabama, has been based on farming. There were no new industrial plants in the county until Alabama Power Company opened the steam plant in the late 1960s. In the early 1970s a box plant was opened which manufactures boxes for food products. In the late 1980s a plant was opened that manufactures roofing materials. In 2000 a fish processing plant was opened. There are two major rail systems that run through Greene County.

History of Eutaw

        Eutaw is the county seat of Greene County, which was formed on Dec. 13, 1819 and named for General Nathaniel Greene, an American Revolutionary War hero. He led our troops at Eutaw Springs, South Carolina, and retook Charleston.
          The area was explored by DeSoto in 1540. It was claimed as French Louisiana in 1699   and ceded to England in 1763. It was ceded by the Choctaw Nation in 1816 and made a territorial county in 1819. Greene County was the primary Alabama County for agriculture as late as 1845, due to the rich, fertile soil. Cotton was the main source of income, and the plantations were numerous. The town consisted of a main square with the courthouse and its dependencies. Homes were laid out on blocks of streets. Due to the geography of the Warrior and Tombigbee rivers surrounding Eutaw, it was spared the destruction the Civil War brought to many Southern settlements. The population of Greene County reached its peak in 1850 and then started to decline by 1860. The creation of Hale County in 1867 took away 40 percent of the land of Greene County, along with the residents.


       Today, Eutaw has more than 47 historic homes and buildings still standing. The courthouse square is still the site for many festivals and festivities, and many of the old homes have been purchased and restored to their former glory. Due to its easy interstate access, Eutaw has been rediscovered as a quiet, laid-back place to live, where families can take lazy late afternoon walks around town square and stop and chat with friends and neighbors.


Building Better Communities 

       Greene County’s leadership recognizes the importance of vitality and progressive growth. It is why they are working to build better communities for residents. In addition to the local business and industry community, Greene County has several other attractive qualities that make it a great place to live, work and do business.

          • Greene County has sustained its local hospital, the Greene County Health System, which provides life-saving care to local residents, business and industry, as well as interstate travelers who find themselves in a medical crisis or automotive crash.
          • Downtown rehabilitation and revitalization are underway in the county. The City of Eutaw is currently working to attract more retail, restaurants and hospitality businesses.
          • In partnership with the Greene County Industrial Development Authority and the Rural Business Technical Center, the City of Eutaw is developing a business incubator for the city, county and region with the goal of launching small business growth.
          • Unique to the area, the county has robust gaming operations, offering the best in entertainment and gaming, amenities, and prizes. This includes Greentrack, Inc., a gaming complex in Eutaw with a racetrack and simultaneous broadcasting.
          • Residents and visitors to the area can enjoy seasonal hunting opportunities, particularly deer and turkey hunting, as well as year-round fishing.
          • The City of Eutaw features a large number of antebellum homes and buildings. The Greene County Historical Society sponsors an annual tour of the homes in October each year.
          • The Society of Folk Art and Culture sponsors the Black Belt Folk Roots Festival annually, during the third weekend in August on the Historic Thomas E. Gilmore Square in downtown Eutaw. Now in its 46th year, the festival attracts hundreds of patrons throughout the event weekend.
          • The Alabama Greene County Civic and Social Club Reunion Picnic brings hundreds of former Greene County residents for a three-day celebration. This reunion is in its 80th year of celebration. 

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